Saturday, January 12, 2013

Enable Desktop Icons and Right Click in Gnome 3

As you may know, desktop icons and right clicking is disabled in Gnome 3. I like this because it offers a cleaner and more minimalistic user interface, but some people prefer having desktop icons and having right-click enabled and that's who this post is for.
  • Open dconf by opening up a terminal or hitting alt-f2 and enter the following command:

    Once entered, dconf Editor (aka configuration editor) will open up.
  • In the left column, navigate to org > gnome > desktop > background
  • Selecting/Deselecting show-desktop-icons will toggle whether or not icons and right clicking are enabled.
  • By default the Home and Trash icons will be visible one show-desktop-icons is enabled. If you want to disable the trash or home icons on your desktop, you can do this by navigating to org > gnome > nautilus > desktop
    Here you can toggle trash-icon-visible and home-icon-visible

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