Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Memoto" - A Life Logging Camera

As time goes on, technology becomes increasingly miniaturized and sophisticated and society adjusts and accepts it. We're beginning to see the emergence of cameras as becoming more and more common -- not just with our smartphones but all around us - recording us when we walk into the grocery store, when we withdrawal money from the ATM, or when we run a red light. There is also wearable technology such as Google's Glass project that is essentially a computer with a heads up display but also contains a camera that snaps an image or shoots a video at the command of your voice. However, the increase in cameras in our society is a double edged sword that some suggest is leading us to an Orwellian society. But for now, let's focus on one of the potentially positive outcomes.

Memoto is defined by it's creators as the "life logging camera" and has taken self-documentation to the next level. The camera is placed on a piece of your clothing (ideally facing in front of you) and takes two pictures a minute. The device creates a "life library" that helps you filter through your days and find images and works with a mobile application on a smartphone or tablet. The overall goal of documenting your whole life can certainly be critiqued in varying ways but the idea is revolutionary and it does have it's benefits. Aside from snapping photos of your daily activities, I think that there's a variety of other applications in which a device like this would be useful, specifically research studies (or attach it to your cat). 

Memoto is another successful KickStarter and is currently available for pre-order.


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