Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Networked Society - Ericsson

We are all living through the early stages of an extraordinary revolution. A revolution that will change our world forever. What was once a technological infrastructure is becoming a social infrastructure. Seamless, intuitive and integral to the fabric of societies.

Connecting not just people but communities, systems and intelligence. Enabling us to collaborate, innovate, sustain, learn, care, and participate. In ways that we never thought possible... and have yet to discover. Creating totally new models, services and solutions to meet the global challenges that face us.

When one person connects their life changes for the better. With everything connected our world changes for good. A connected world is just the beginning. The networked society.

Ericsson is a Swedish technology company that primarily focuses on telecommunications and networks. They put out several interesting PR videos regarding their vision of the Networked Society - the importance of information technology, how the world is becoming more connected and how these changes will alter things from business to culture. It's somewhat obvious that Ericsson is building on the sociologist's Manuel Castells idea of the network society.

On the Brink

Shaping Ideas

Thinking Cities

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